Warranty Information

How do I file a Warranty Claim? – A primary benefit of ordering OEM parts from OEM Auto Parts and Accessories is that our participating dealers offer you complete warranty protection per the terms and conditions of the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Please notify our participating dealership by email (located on the Customer Service page on the OEM site by vehicle brand) to inform the dealership that you have a warranty claim request. The participating dealership will guide you through the warranty process including how to return the defective part and how and when they will provide a replacement part to you at no cost, if you part qualifies. The only cost our customers will have related to a warranty claim is the cost of shipping back the defective part. Our dealers will cover the cost of the replacement part as well as the cost of shipping it to you.

How long is an OEM warranty?

Warranty coverage periods can vary by product and manufacturer. Typically most OEM parts are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase. We provide all of the direct contact information for our participating dealers (located on the Customer Service page on the OEM site by vehicle brand). We encourage you to inquire directly with our participating dealers for any warranty questions that you may have.

Our dealers want you to be very satisfied at the time of purchase and throughout the ownership of your purchased parts. They will be very pleased to work with you to ensure that you have the fullest warranty protection and claim support possible. Our site will always have a record of your purchase which will ensure that the warranty claim process is easy to conduct. You will not need to be concerned about not being able to locate your original purchase information or purchase date.

If I install my own parts will it void my vehicles factory warranty?

Properly installing your new OEM parts will not void your warranty in any way. That may not always be the case with Aftermarket parts. If an Aftermarket part fails and causes other parts to fail then the other parts that failed may not be covered under the vehicle's original factory warranty.

Will it void my extended warranty?

In most cases making repairs with OEM parts does not affect your extended warranty. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of your extended warranty agreement prior to making any repairs.