Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What Does OEM Stand For?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When referring to automotive parts, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part. An automobile part may carry the designation OEM if it is made by the same manufacturer or manufacturing standards as the original part used when building the original automobile. Genuine OEM parts are made to the same exacting standards and specifications for fit and performance as the original parts used during the manufacturing of your vehicle.

What Does Aftermarket Stand For?

The automotive aftermarket is the secondary market of the automotive industry. This secondary market focuses on the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, and installation of auto parts after the sale of the automobile by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to the consumer. The term aftermarket is often used for non—OEM replacement parts.

In purchasing parts at national discount auto parts retailers many parts will have OEM prominently displayed but followed by a qualifier such as "meets OEM standards". These auto parts are not OEM parts. They are simply "claiming" to have been manufactured to the same specifications as the OEM parts—specifications that may well be unpublished by the OEM and thereby unknowable.

Why Would I Want To Buy OEM Parts Versus Aftermarket Parts?

Certainty. This is the only way to be absolutely certain that you are purchasing a part that has been specifically designed and built for your specific vehicle. Purchasing OEM parts will ensure proper fit and performance and reduce the risk of potential product failure. All OEM parts have been designed and built to offer the exact same quality, durability and safety standards as your vehicles' original parts.

Do OEM Parts Cost More Than Aftermarket Parts?

There is no single answer for this one. It depends upon whether you factor in product quality as part of the answer. Generally, OEM parts cost slightly more than Aftermarket products. OEM parts are built to exacting quality standards by the original equipment manufacturers whereas Aftermarket products are essentially unregulated and can vary dramatically in price and quality. Some Aftermarket parts are very high quality and some are very poor quality. The only way to be absolutely certain about quality is to only purchase OEM parts.

How Can I Be Absolutely Sure That I Am Buying OEM Parts?

OEM Auto Parts and Accessories only offer OEM parts from franchised dealerships. Every part on our site is guaranteed to be a new OEM auto part shipped directly from an authorized dealership representing the brand that you are purchasing. Only franchised new car auto dealerships are authorized to sell and distribute OEM auto parts and they are also the only ones that can offer you legitimate warranty coverage after the sale.

It is a buyer beware situation when it comes to purchasing auto parts online and from aftermarket sellers. We want you to have our assurance that you are buying the very best OEM parts for your vehicle directly from highly credible franchised auto dealerships.

What Selection Of OEM Parts Do You Offer On Your Site?

We are confident that you will find our selection level to be one of the most compelling reasons to shop with OEM Auto Parts and Accessories.

We have participating dealers representing all major brands of vehicles sold in the US from the mid 80's through the current model year.

Our dealers strive to offer almost every part that is available to them in their supply system. They do not limit their parts offering to just those parts that they have in stock. Dealers typically stock between 10% and 20% of the total available parts from their parts ordering system due to demand, cost and space constraints. Our model was designed so that your selection level would not be limited to just In Stock Parts.

Our participating dealers are willing to obtain parts specifically for you so that they can offer you the very largest selection possible. Your convenience is that important to them.

How Long Will It Take To Ship My Parts Once I Order Them?

This would be an easy question to answer if we limited our parts selection to In Stock Parts only. However, that would not meet your needs so that is not an option. There are really three answers.

In Stock Parts — these parts are currently available on the rack and ready to go. These parts will typically ship within one business day following the first business day that your order is received.

Standard Order Parts — virtually all of our dealerships can order and receive approximately 95% of the parts that are not in stock within 24 — 48 hours of placing the order. These parts will typically ship within one business day following the business day that that the participating dealer receives the parts that they ordered for you.

Special Order Parts — a limited number (estimated at 5% of the total parts available) of parts are deemed special order parts and these require additional time to locate, purchase and receive in for shipment to you. These are typically very unique parts, hard to find parts or parts that are for older vehicles and they typically come with a No Return policy from the supplier. Please note that there is no return policy on Special Order Parts.

Consolidated Shipments — We want you to have an outstanding customer service experience while purchasing your OEM auto parts. We feel that an outstanding customer experience includes receiving a correct and complete order the first time. By complete we mean that our participating dealers will always strive to ship your entire order at one time for ease of tracking and receiving. If your order consists of In Stock Parts and Standard Order Parts our dealers will hold the In Stock Parts until they can ship them together with your Standard Order Parts.

Do My OEM Parts Come With A Manufacturer Warranty?

Absolutely. This is another one of the compelling reasons to make sure that you are purchasing your OEM parts directly from an authorized franchised dealership. Only franchised dealerships can offer and honor original manufacturer warranties. There are a lot of less than ethical websites that make warranty representations that they cannot support. If your vehicle is important enough to you to purchase high quality OEM parts then it should be equally important to ensure that you are obtaining them from a legitimate dealership that will support your purchase after the sale.

How Long Is An OEM Warranty?

Warranty coverage periods can vary by product and manufacturer. Typically most OEM parts are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase. We encourage you to contact us for any warranty questions that you may have.

Our dealers want you to be very satisfied at the time of purchase and throughout the ownership of your purchased parts. We will work with you to ensure that you have the fullest warranty protection and claim support possible. Our site will always have a record of your purchase which will ensure that the warranty claim process is easy to conduct. You will not need to be concerned about not being able to locate your original purchase information or purchase date.

Does OEM Auto Parts and Accessories Provide Installation Instructions?

Given that we offer millions of parts for your convenience it would not be possible to provide detailed instructions on each and every part. We encourage our customers to make sure that you are competent about the repair that you are about to make before you order your replacement parts. We do not want you to endanger yourself or anyone else. There is virtually an unlimited amount of material on the internet for your review and consideration when making a repair or replacement.

If I Install My Own Parts Will It Void My Vehicles Factory Warranty?

Properly installing your new OEM parts will not void your warranty in any way. That may not always be the case with Aftermarket parts. If an Aftermarket part fails and causes other parts to fail then the other parts that failed may not be covered under the vehicles original factory warranty.

Will It Void My Extended Warranty?

In most cases making repairs with OEM parts does not affect your extended warranty. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of your extended warranty agreement prior to making any repairs.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • Wire Payments

We reserve the right to require PayPal or wire payments for all orders over $250.00 to ensure that we are properly paid before shipping. Any form of PayPal payment (debit card — credit card — PayPal Express Checkout) provides us with their Seller Protection. We face online fraud, stolen credit cards and identify theft regularly due to the resale value of auto parts. Our policies are designed to protect our customers and our participating dealers.

Product Return Policy

What is your product return policy on In Stock and Standard Order products?

Our goal is to be the very best option on the internet for purchasing OEM auto parts. It is very important to us and our participating dealers that you are very pleased with your entire purchasing experience.

We offer an unconditional 14 day return policy on In Stock and Standard Order parts without restocking fees on new and unopened parts, as long as you provided your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) when placing your original order.

As mentioned earlier, our participating dealers are offering many more parts than what they carry in stock. This is a tremendous advantage for our customers because this gives you the exact same access to parts that the dealers themselves have.

Each part that you order that is not in stock requires the dealer to order it specifically for you and they are very pleased to do that. They are also pleased to be able to offer you a fair and consistent return policy. They simply need your help to ensure that they do not incur losses on parts that you elect to return.

As long as you return the part in new condition in an unopened package they can return it to their distribution center for a return. If a restocking fee applies they will not pass that along to you. Their distribution centers will not allow them to return anything where the product has been used or the original packaging has been damaged. Therefore, they cannot take back anything that is not in new and unopened condition. We hope that you consider this to be a fair and reasonable method to protect everyone involved.

All items being returned must be returned in the original shipping packaging to be eligible for return.

Parts Ineligible for Return

  1. Electrical parts — It is very easy to damage electrical parts and there is not any visual way to identify the damage.
  2. Body parts — These are specific application products and we are unable to accept them back into inventory.
  3. Special Order Parts — A limited number (estimated at 5% of the total parts available) of parts are deemed special order parts and these require additional time to locate, purchase and receive in for shipment to you. These are typically very unique parts, hard to find parts or parts that are for older vehicles and they come with a No Return Policy from the supplier. Since our dealers are special ordering these just for you and they cannot return them for credit we cannot offer a return policy on Special Order Parts.
    Please note that our participating dealers will not provide notice when a part is considered a Special Order Part. If you think there is any potential that you might want to return the part then please ask our dealer if the part is a Special Order Part or not before ordering.
  4. Parts Ordered Without Providing a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) — Our site requested your vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at numerous points throughout the navigation of our site including during checkout. At checkout a final option was presented to either enter a VIN or proceed without a VIN with the understanding that the purchase would not be eligible for return.

What Are The Different Reasons For Returning A Part?

Customer Decision — we are highly respectful of your decision to return a part and we want to make the return process very easy for you. We will not ask you why you would like to return a part nor will we charge you a restocking fee. Please see the question immediately above which covers our Return Policy and the question directly below which covers the return process itself.

Dealer shipped an incorrect part — in the event that a dealer ships an incorrect part you will be very impressed by how they will respond to resolve the situation for you. Please contact us directly so we can work with you to determine the correct part that should have been sent originally. They will send you the correct part as quickly as possible and before they receive the incorrect part back. The dealer will also send you a call tag by email so that you can return the incorrect part without any cost to you.

Our systems and processes are designed to absolutely minimize the risk of shipping an incorrect part to our customers. This is exactly why we do everything possible to encourage our customers to provide their vehicles VIN when ordering. The VIN ensures a perfect match with the vehicle that you have indicated. In the event that you order an incorrect part our dealers want to be able to determine that and work with you to revise your order prior to shipping.

Product Damaged in Transit — If a product is damaged in transit we will need you to file a claim directly with FedEx. Please see the specific claim instructions on the Shipping tab.

How Do I Return A Part From My Order?

Please visit the RMA tab under the Customer Service section of our site. All you will need is your 9 digit order number to initiate a return request. No items will be eligible for return for replacement or refund without an appropriate RMA Number. Please do not send anything back without an RMA. We will provide you with clear direction on how we would like you to return your item. Please see the Returns page on the Customer Service page for further instructions on how to properly return an item. We want to make this process as easy as possible for you.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Credit On A Returned Product?

Typically a credit will be issued within 3 — 5 business days of our participating dealers receiving your returned item back in excellent condition. It may take several additional days for the various credit card companies to post the refund back to your account. We will make every effort to process your return very quickly to ensure your satisfaction.

Do You Charge Sales Tax On Parts Purchases?

Under current sales tax laws we are required to charge sales tax on sales to residents if they are in the same state as one of our dealers. Currently we have dealers across 7 states. Sales taxes are assessed based upon the actual physical address of the delivery location and all applicable taxes will be assessed based upon the tax requirements for that location./

Do You Ship Orders Internationally?

We only ship to addresses within the 50 US states.

However, we do have a lot of customers outside of the United States.

We have set up a very easy process so that we can take great care of our international customers.

Simply follow these two easy steps when you order:

  1. Pay using a PayPal Account — make your payment through a PayPal account (any form of payment — credit — debit — PayPal is fine). The PayPal Ship to address must be a "Confirmed Address" with PayPal. When this occurs we receive Seller Protection and can be confident that we will get paid since we know that our products are leaving the US. Note — we can also accept wire payments.
  2. Provide a US Ship to Address — most of our customers use a US based freight forwarding company to forward their products to their final international destination.

Note 1 — Puerto Rico — Virgin Islands — Canada — Mexico and Guam are considered international destinations.

Note 2 — We want to take great care of our military personnel so we ship by USPS to all APO/FPO addresses. Certain size limitations may exist per USPS rules.

Are Shipping Rates Estimated At Point Of Sale?


Our ecommerce site estimates the cost of shipping at the point of sale based upon the purchase price of the order. Our estimates assume the shipment can be sent via FedEx Ground Service and that no Large Package or Dimensional Weight Surcharges apply. In most cases extra shipping charges will be required to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

In the auto parts industry there are a lot of irregular and oversized items that do not conform to estimate based pricing. We reserve the right to inform our customers that the amount estimated at the point of sale is deficient and that we cannot proceed based upon the estimated amount. When we contact our customers we share the exact amount of our cost of shipping with our customers. We give our customers an option to proceed by paying the additional cost of shipping or an option to cancel without any charges for the order.