Product Return And Refund Policy

Our goal is to be the very best option on the internet for purchasing OEM auto parts. It is very important to us and our participating dealers that you are very pleased with your entire purchasing experience. Our site has been designed to ensure that our customers can easily order and receive the correct parts the first time so as to minimize the need for product returns and replacements.

Return Policy For In Stock And Standard Order Parts

We offer an unconditional 14 day return policy on In Stock and Standard Order parts without restocking fees on new and unopened parts as long as you provided your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) when placing your original order.

"In Stock Parts" refers to those parts that are carried in stock by our participating dealers.

"Standard Order Parts" are parts that are not in stock but can be ordered and received by our participating dealers within 24 — 48 hours of placing the order. Each part that you order that is not in stock requires the dealer to order it specifically for you and they are very pleased to do that.

They are also pleased to be able to offer you a fair and consistent return policy. They simply need your help to ensure that they do not incur losses on parts that you elect to return.

As long as you return the part in new condition in an unopened package they can return it to their distribution center for a refund. If a restocking fee applies they will not pass that along to you. Their distribution centers will not allow them to return anything where the product has been used or the original packaging has been damaged. Therefore, they cannot take back anything that is not in new and unopened condition. We hope that you consider this to be a fair and reasonable method to protect everyone involved.

All items being returned must be returned in the original shipping packaging to be eligible for return. We cannot be responsible for parts returned in replacement packaging due to the risk of damage in transit.

Parts Ineligible For Return

  • Electrical parts — It is very easy to damage electrical parts and there is not any visual way to identify the damage.
  • Body parts — These are specific application products and we are unable to accept them back into inventory.
  • Special Order Parts — A limited number (estimated at 5% of the total parts available) of parts are deemed special order parts and these require additional time to locate, purchase and receive in for shipment to you. These are typically very unique parts, hard to find parts or parts that are for older vehicles and they come with a No Return Policy from the supplier. Since our dealers are special ordering these just for you and they cannot return them for credit we cannot offer a return policy on Special Order Parts.
    Please note that our participating dealers will not provide notice when a part is considered a Special Order Part. If you think there is any potential that you might want to return the part then please ask our dealer if the part is a Special Order Part or not before ordering.
  • Parts Ordered Without Providing a VIN Number — Our site requested your vehicle’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at numerous points throughout the navigation of our site including during checkout. At checkout a final option was presented to either enter a VIN or proceed without a VIN with the understanding that the purchase would not be eligible for return.

Return Process

The first step in the return process is to obtain an RMA (Returned Materials Authorization) number from the participating dealer that originally shipped your part.

The return process starts by accessing your online account and selecting the return option if you have previously established an online account.

If you did not set up an account, you will need the original order number to proceed with the return process. You will be able to find the original order number on any of the emails that you received from us and also on the packing slip that was included with your product shipment. Please visit the RMA tab under Customer Service to initiate a return.

Our participating dealers will review and approve your request (assuming it is within the policy and timeframe stated above) and you will be provided with a Return Authorization Number. This number must be included on all future communications pertaining to this return including being clearly marked on the outside of the packaging of the product being returned. We are not responsible for any merchandise returned without a valid Return Authorization Number.

The following policies apply given the uniqueness of each situation.

Correct Part Ordered and Shipped — In this case the standard Refund Policy above applies. The cost of the return shipping will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. The original shipping charges are non—refundable in this case.

Correct Part Ordered and Incorrect Item Shipped — In this case the participating dealership agrees to replace the incorrect part(s) within three (3) business days of the notice from the Purchaser. The participating dealership shall pay the cost of the shipping for both the shipment of the replacement part and the return of the incorrect part. The participating dealer will send you a Call Tag to be used to return the incorrect part. Please ship back the incorrect part immediately upon receipt of the Call Tag.

We assure you that you will find our participating dealerships very responsive to your needs in this situation.

Incorrect Part Ordered and Shipped — In this case the standard Refund Policy above applies. The cost of the return shipping will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. The original shipping charges are non—refundable in this case.

Item Damaged During Shipment — We enjoy a national strategic business relationship with FedEx and their delivery levels are exemplary. In the very rare instances where something arrives in a damaged condition, FedEx, our participating dealers and OEM Auto Parts and Accessories all stand behind your purchase. Please inspect all merchandise immediately upon receipt. If substantial damage has occurred you may elect to reject the delivery.

Any damaged or missing items must be reported within 3 days of delivery. Please contact FedEx first by visiting *Fedex claim website* to file a claim.

Please notify our participating dealership by email (located on the Customer Service page on the OEM site by vehicle brand) to inform the dealership that a claim is being opened with FEDEX. Please provide a detailed description of the specifics of your claim. We highly recommend taking photos of the condition of the package upon receipt.

Feedback — It is very important to all of us at OEM Auto Parts and Accessories that you are completely satisfied with your experience at OEM Auto Parts and Accessories. We have selected the highest quality dealerships to provide you exemplary parts and service. If for any reason you do not feel that you enjoyed the highest level of Customer Service from our participating dealerships we encourage you to click on the Send Feedback button on the Customer Service page. This feature allows you to communicate your experience directly to OEM Auto Parts Plus and Accessories without any communication to our participating dealers. This will ensure that we are always directly informed and accountable to meet and exceed your needs.

All terms subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy or any of your activities with OEM Auto Parts and Accessories, please email us at

Thank you very much for being a highly valued OEM Auto Parts and Accessories customer.