How will my parts be shipped?

OEM Auto Parts and Accessories has selected FEDEX as our exclusive shipping company. Our customers will benefit from the highest level of service that FEDEX provides plus all of the other resources that FEDEX offers.

How long will it take to ship my parts once I order them?

This would be an easy question to answer if we limited our parts selection to In Stock Parts only. However, that would not meet your needs so that is not an option. There are really three answers.

In Stock Parts - these parts are currently available on the rack and ready to go. These parts will typically ship within one business day following the first business day that your order is received.

Standard Order Parts – virtually all of our dealerships can order and receive approximately 95% of the parts that are not in stock within 24 – 48 hours of placing the order. These parts will typically ship within one business day following the business day that that the participating dealer receives in the parts that they ordered for you. Once the order has shipped, your estimated time of arrival will be based upon your selected shipping method.

Special Order Parts – a limited number (estimated at 5% of the total parts available) of parts are deemed special order parts and these require additional time to locate, purchase and receive in for shipment to you. These are typically very unique parts, hard to find parts or parts that are for older vehicles and they typically come with a No Return policy from the supplier. If you order a part that is considered Special Order our participating dealer will contact you with an estimate of how long it may take for them to obtain the part for you. At that time you can elect to continue with the order or to cancel the order if that is your preference. We want you to be extremely pleased with our service level and we feel it is very important that we give you a realistic estimate of time so that you can make a fully informed decision. Please note that there is no return policy on Special Order Parts.

Consolidated Shipments – we want you to have an outstanding customer service experience while purchasing your OEM auto parts. We feel that an outstanding customer experience includes receiving a correct and complete order the first time. By complete we mean that our participating dealers will always strive to ship your entire order at one time for ease of tracking and receiving. If your order consists of In Stock Parts and Standard Order Parts our dealers will hold the In Stock Parts until they can ship them together with your Standard Order Parts.

How will I know when my parts shipped?

We will provide you with an email confirming that your order has shipped. This email will provide you with a FEDEX tracking number(s) that you can use to track the delivery of your purchase.

Are Shipping Rates Estimated at Point of Sale? Yes

Our ecommerce site estimates the cost of shipping at the point of sale based upon the purchase price of the order. Our estimates assume the shipment can be sent via FEDEX Ground Service and that no Large Package or Dimensional Weight Surcharges apply. In most cases extra shipping charges will be required to ship to Alaska and Hawaii.
In the auto parts industry there are a lot of irregular and oversized items that do not conform to estimate based pricing. We reserve the right to inform our customers that the amount estimated at the point of sale is deficient and that we cannot proceed based upon the estimated amount. When we contact our customers we share the exact amount of our cost of shipping with our customers. We give our customers an option to proceed by paying the additional cost of shipping or an option to cancel without any charges for the order.

What are the circumstances that require returning a part?

The following policies apply given the uniqueness of each situation.

Correct Part Ordered and Shipped – In this case our standard Refund Policy applies. Please see the Refund page for specific return instructions. The cost of the return shipping is the responsibility of the Purchaser. The original shipping charges are non-refundable.

Correct Part Ordered and Incorrect Item Shipped – In this case the participating dealership agrees to replace the incorrect part(s) within three (3) business days of the notice from the Purchaser. The participating dealership shall pay the cost of the shipping for both the shipment of the replacement part and the return of the incorrect part. The participating dealer will send you a FEDEX Call Tag to be used to return the incorrect part. Please ship back the incorrect part immediately upon receipt of the FEDEX Call Tag. We assure you that you will find our participating dealerships very responsive to your needs in this situation.

Incorrect Part Ordered and Shipped - In this case our standard Refund Policy above applies. The cost of the return shipping is the responsibility of the Purchaser. The original shipping charges are non-refundable.

Item Damaged During Shipment – We enjoy a national strategic business relationship with FEDEX and their delivery levels are exemplary. In the very rare instance where something arrives in a damaged condition, FEDEX, our participating dealers and OEM Auto Parts and Accessories all stand behind your purchase. Please inspect all merchandise immediately upon receipt. Any damaged or missing items must be reported within 3 days of delivery. Please contact FEDEX first by visiting to file a claim. Please notify our participating dealership by email (located on the Customer Service page on the OEM site by vehicle brand) to inform the dealership that a claim is being opened with FEDEX. Please provide a detailed description of the specifics of your claim. We highly recommend taking photos of the condition of the package upon receipt.

Should I insure parts that I am returning under the standard Return policy?

You are the owner of the product until it is received by the participating dealership. We highly encourage you to consider adding insurance coverage depending upon the value of the shipment.

Do you charge a handling fee or a restocking fee?

No, we do not charge a handling fee or a restocking fee.

What should I do if an item is missing from my order?

Please start by checking every tracking number that you were provided with to ensure that you are in receipt of every package that was shipped. If you have received every package that was shipped please compare all items received to the enclosed packing list. If you determine that an item is missing that was listing on the packing list please contact the dealer that shipped the package. If the missing item is not listed on your packing list please review the details of your original order. If there is a discrepancy please contact the dealer that shipped the packages. All dealer contact information can be found on the Customer Service page. Note: Please check the packing materials very carefully for small parts prior to disposing.

Will you ship by mail?

We ship everything through the FEDEX delivery system. The only time the US Postal Service is involved is if the package is being sent to an APO or FPO. FEDEX and the US Postal System both participate to complete APO and FPO deliveries.

Will you ship to my Post Office box?

No, we do not use the services of the United States Postal System for delivery purposes except to APO and FPO destinations.

What methods of shipping are available?

We have chosen to ship all parts via FEDEX ground service. We have done this for two very specific reasons:

FEDEX Delivery Times- FEDEX makes a pickup stop at every one of our dealerships every day to endure timely shipping. We evaluated the ground delivery times throughout the United States and we were very impressed with their efficiency and timeliness. There would have been a very high cost differential between using ground service and air (overnight and two day) and we felt the very high cost of air service would have appeared offensive to our customers. We anticipate very little difference in shipping times between two day versus ground service and we could not justify the cost differential. We want to be the value leader in the industry and we feel this policy provides the best ultimate value to our customers.

Customer Expectations- Please note that the shipping process cannot commence until the dealer has all In Stock and Standard Order parts available to ship. As noted above, we are offering parts from throughout the dealers product ordering system and not just In Stock parts so that we can offer you the very largest part selection possible. This process may take 24 - 48 hours to receive in all of the parts that you ordered before they are available for shipping to you. We felt that there was a potential for an expectation gap if a customer selected overnight service for example and it took two days to receive the part before it could be shipped out.

We have designed a very efficient and effective nationwide system for offering and fulfilling the largest parts selection offering in the UA and we assure you that everyone involved will provide you with exemplary service.

Can I reroute my package once I have been provided with the tracking number?

No. Unfortunately, there is an extraordinarily high level of fraudulent conduct involving rerouting. We do not allow any address change or disruption to the delivery process once the product has been shipped. Exception, if there is a reason that the delivery should not be completed, please contact the participating dealer immediately. Depending upon the status of the shipment the dealer may be able to have the package returned directly to the dealership.

Do you ship orders internationally?

We only ship to addresses within the 50 US states.

However, we do have a lot of customers outside of the United States.

We have set up a very easy process so that we can take great care of our international customers.

Simply follow these two easy steps when you order:

  • Pay using a PayPal Account - make your payment through a PayPal account (any form of payment – credit – debit – PayPal is fine). When this occurs we receive Seller Protection and can be confident that we will get paid since we know that our products are leaving the US.
  • Provide a US Ship To Address - most of our customers use a US based freight forwarding company to forward their products to their final international destination.

Note 1 – Puerto Rico - Canada – Mexico and Guam are considered international destinations.

Note 2 – We want to take great care of our military personnel so we ship by USPS to all APO/FPO addresses.